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  1. Go to the <THEME_HOME> folder, select all the files/folders inside it, then (Ctrl+A) and right click to archive all the selected files and folders together.


    Tip: Be sure to select all the files/folders (Ctrl+A) and right click on all the selected artifacts to create the archive file.

  2. Rename the archive file to
  3. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud. This takes you to the API Publisher Web application.
  4. Click Admin Dashboard under the Configure menu. This opens the Admin Dashboard.
  5. Click SETTINGS and then click UPLOAD TENANT THEME
  6. Upload your zip file (e.g.,
  7. Open the API Store to take a look at the customizations that are applied.


    Tip: It can take up to 15 minutes for a new theme to be applied to the API Store.

    Similarly, open the sign up page to take a look at the customizations applied there.

In this tutorial, you have tried applying a few selected UI changes to customize Now you have succesfully applied the most common customizations to the API Store.