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  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud ( as an admin user.
  2. On the top pane of the API Publisher, click Configure and then click Admin Dashboard.

    This takes you to the Admin Dashboard.
  3. On the left navigation pane, click THROTTLING POLICIES, and then click BLACKLIST POLICIES. This displays the Blacklisted Items screen where you can see the blacklisted items if you have created any.

    This displays the Select Item to Blacklist screen.
  5. Depending on what you need to blacklist, select the relevant condition type and specify an appropriate value.
    For example, if you need to blacklist a specific IP address, select IP Address as the condition and specify the specific IP address as the Value.
  6. Click Blacklist.


    Now you have successfully added a new blacklist item


  1. and can view the added item on the Blacklisted Items screen.


    Once you add a blacklist item, the Condition Status will be enabled by default. If there is a need to temporarily disable the Condition Status, you can do so by turning it off.

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Deleting a blacklist policy