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If the primary user store is read-only, you will be using a user ID and role that already exists in the user store , for the administrator. If the user store is read/write, you have the option of creating the administrator user in the user store as explained below. By default, the embedded H2 database (with read/write enabled) is used for both these purposes in WSO2 products.

Note the following key facts about the system administrator in your system:


  • Configuring the Primary User Stores: This topic explains how the primary user store is set up and configured for your productEI profile.
  • Configuring the Authorization Manager : This topic explains how the repository (RDBMS) for storing authorization information (role-based permissions) is configured for your productEI profile.
  • Changing a Password: This topic explains how you can change the admin password using the management console of the productEI profile.

Updating the administrator

The <Configuration> section at the top of the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml file allows you to configure the administrator user in your system as well as the RDBMS that will be used for storing information related to user authentication (i.e. role-based permissions).