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WSO2 EI 6.6.0 is based on Carbon Kernel 4.5.0 and, therefore, log4j2 is introduced. Also, the carbon.logging jar is not packed with the EI 6.6.0 distribution and the pax-logging-api is used instead. When you

Follow the instructions given below to migrate from log4j (in WSO2 EI 6.5.0) to log4j2 (in WSO2 EI 6.6.0:



  1. If you have used a custom log4j component in EI 6.5.0, apply the following changes to your component:

    1. Replace carbon logging or commons.logging dependencies with pax-logging dependency as shown below.

      Code Block
      <!-- Pax Logging -->
      <!-- Pax Logging Version -->
    2. If log4j dependency is directly used, apply one of the options given below.

      Localtab Group
      titleOption 1

      Replace the log4j dependency (shown below) with log4j2 and rewrite the loggers accordingly.

      Code Block
      titleOption 2

      Replace the log4j dependency with pax-logging dependency and rewrite the loggers using commons.logging accordingly.

    3. If commons.logging is imported using Import-Package add the version range.

      Code Block
  2. Follow the instructions on configuring log4j2 to register the Appenders and Loggers.

Starting the profiles

You can now start the WSO2 EI 6.6.0 product. For instructions on starting each of the profiles in the product, see Running the Product.