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You can use the same databases that you used for the ESB profile of WSO2 EI 6.5.0 with WSO2 EI 6.6.0. However, you need to first update any scheduled tasks configured in your remove the Scheduled Tasks that were stored in the registry database from WSO2 EI 6.5.0 instance according to the following naming convention for . This is because WSO2 EI 6.6.0 requires Scheduled Tasks to be stored in the registry using a new naming convention (Task name in WSO2 EI 6.6.0 : Task Name TASK_PREFIX + messageProcessorName + taskNumber to TASK_PREFIX + messageProcessorName + SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE + taskNumber.). When you run the following migration client, the Schedule Create the <EI_HOME>/migration/ directory inside <EI_6.6.0_HOME>, copy the file, and update the following



admin.user.nameThe user name of the system administrator.

  1. Copy the migration JAR file to the <EI_6.6.0_HOME>/dropins/ directory.
    1. Open a terminal and navigate to the <EI_6.6.0_HOME>/bin/ directory.

    2. Execute the product start up script with the '-Dmigrate.from.product.version=ei650' command as shown below.

      Localtab Group
      titleOn MacOS/Linux/CentOS

      Open a terminal and execute the following command:

      Code Block
      sh -Dmigrate.from.product.version=ei650
      titleOn Windows

      Open a terminal and execute the following command:

      Code Block
      integrator.bat -Dmigrate.from.product.version=ei650
  2. Once the migration is successful, stop the server and delete the migration JAR (org.wso2.carbon.ei.migration-6.6.0.jar) from the <EI_6.6.0_HOME>/dropins/ directory.
  3. You can now connect your WSO2 EI 6.6.0 instance to the old database.