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The following ports are common to all WSO2 products that provide the given feature. 

Management console ports

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) uses the following ports to access the management console:

  • 9443 - HTTPS servlet transport for the ESB runtime (the default URL of the management console is https://localhost:9443/carbon).
  • 9445 - HTTPS servlet transport for the EI-Business Process runtime (the default URL of the management console is https://localhost:9445/carbon).
  • 9444 - Used for the EI-Analytics management console.

LDAP server ports

Provided by default in the WSO2 Carbon platform.

  • 10389 - Used in WSO2 products that provide an embedded LDAP server

KDC ports

  • 8000 - Used to expose the Kerberos key distribution center server

JMX monitoring ports

WSO2 Carbon platform uses TCP ports to monitor a running Carbon instance using a JMX client such as JConsole. By default, JMX is enabled in all products. You can disable it using EI using the <EI_HOME>/repository/conf/etc/jmx.xml file.

  • 11111 - RMIRegistry port. Used to monitor Carbon WSO2 EI remotely
  • 9999 - RMIServer port. Used along with the RMIRegistry port when Carbon is monitored from a JMX client that is behind a firewall

Clustering ports

To cluster any running Carbon WSO2 EI instance, either one of the following ports must be opened.


  • A random TCP port will open at server startup because of the property set in the server startup script. This property is used for the JMX monitoring facility in JVM.
  • A random UDP port is opened at server startup due to the log4j appender (SyslogAppender), which is configured in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/ file of the Enterprise Integrator profile.