This documentation is for WSO2 Business Rules Server 2.0.0.View documentation for the latest release.

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Getting Started

This is the official, released WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) documentation, hosted at : The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with information for setting up, configuring and implementing the WSO2 BPS.

If you are a first time user, the following sections will introduce BPS and help you get started quickly.

About BPS      Installation Guide      Quick Start Guide     BPS Samples

If you have a specific question regarding WSO2 BPS, refer to the FAQ.

This documentation is structured by key subject areas of WSO2 BPS. For a comprehensive coverage of the entire product, we recommend that you spend some time with the documentation's structure before digging into the content. You can get a high-level view of the main topics covered by going through the left navigation panel of the online documentation, or the table of contents in a printed version. 

Preparing to Print

To export this documentation or a selected portion of it to PDF format, select Browse -> Advanced -> PDF Export. 


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