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Property NameDescriptionTypeDefault ValueFixed ValuesMandatory/Optional
<RepositoryProviderConfig name="" enabled="">
nameName of Repository Provider.String   
 enabledDefine whether Repository Provider is enabled or not.String true, false 
<Property name="Class">
 Java Class for your repository provider manager implementation for git.String   
<Property name="BaseURL">
 The BaseURL which pointing back to the your repository service.String   
<Property name="GitblitAdminUserName">
<Property name="GitblitAdminPassword">
 Admin user name and password of the repository.String   
<Property name="ReadWritePermission">
 Read write permission string for application's repository.String   
<Property name="DisplayName">
 Display name of the repository provider which needs to display in AppFactory pages.
<Property name="Provider">
 Repository provider type.String