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  1. Be sure your system meets the Installation Prerequisites, and then install the following applications:
    1. Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

    2. Install Apache Ant (required for running samples)Install Apache Maven (required only if you want to build the product from the source code ; not required if you are downloading and extracting the binary archive file)Install Apache ActiveMQ (required for running the JMS and run samples)

Installing the product


You must set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the directory where the Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed on the computer. Typically, the JDK is installed in a directory under C:\/Program Files\/Java. For example, such as C:\/Program Files\/Java\/jdk1.6.0_27. If you have multiple versions installed, choose the latest one , which that you can find by after sorting by date.


Environment variables are global system variables accessible by all the processes running under the operating system. You can define an environment variable as a system variable, which applies to all users, or as a user variable, which applies only to the user who is currently logged in.