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Before using RDBMS provisioning facility offered by WSO2 Storage Server, as the first step, you need to configure RDBMS servers that need to be provisioned via using a configuration file. This includes setting up RSS metadate repository which that is used to maintain user-created databases, database users and privilege templates. By default, the RSS metadata repository is pointed to an embedded H2 database which that is shipped as part of the WSO2 Storage Server installation archive.

In a typical production setting, we recommend you to use a database of an an enterprise-grade RDBMS such as MySQL or Oracle as the RSS metadata repository. You can do this in 3 steps as follows:

  1. FirstIn an RDBMS of your choice, create a database to be used as the RSS metadata repository and create a database user assigning the with admin privileges equivalent to the dba role (further granting this grants access to the database used as the RSS metadata repository)in a RDBMS of your choice.
  2. Run Select the SQL script to configure appropriate to the RDBMS you have from <SS_HOME>/dbscripts directory and run it. This creates the RSS metadata repository database structure, using the appropriate script located in  <PRODUCT_HOME>/ dbscripts directory, depending on the RDBMS type that is being used. For example, if your RDBMS is MySQL, run the script <PRODUCTyou must run is <SS_HOME>/dbscriptsdbscripts /rss-manager/mysql/wso2_rss_mysql.sql upon the database created in the previous step.
  3. E dit Edit the parameters required to connect to the RSS metadata repository database as well as the database servers to be provisioned , in <PRODUCT<SS_HOME>/repository/conf/etc/rss-config.xml file as explained below

Sample configuration

Following sample configuration shows how to configure Relational Storage Service facility change the default RSS configuration in WSO2 Storage Server.  It uses a MySQL database named " rss_db " as the RSS metadata reposiotory repository, which is used to store metadata pertaining to databases, database users, database privilege templates, etc.