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The transport receiver implementation of the HTTP transport is available in the Carbon core component. The transport sender implementation comes from the Apache Axis2 transport module. This transport is shipped with WSO2 Carbon and all WSO2 Carbon-based products, which use this transport as the default transport, except WSO2 ESB. The two classes which implement the listener and sender APIs are org.wso2.carbon.core.transports.http.HttpTransportListener and org.apache.axis2.transport.http.CommonsHTTPTransportSender respectively.

  • This is a blocking HTTP transport implementation, meaning that I/O threads get blocked while received messages are processed completely by the underlying Axis2 engine.
  • Although the axis2.xml file contains configurations for HTTP/S transports by default, they are not used by WSO2 products. Instead, the products use the HTTP/S transport configurations in Tomcat-level; therefore, changing the HTTP/S configurations in the axis2.xml file has no effect.

In transport parameter tables, literals displayed in italic mode under the "Possible Values" column should be considered as fixed literal constant values. Those values can be directly put in transport configurations.

Transport Receiver Parameters

Parameter Name



Possible Values

Default Value


The port number on which this transport receiver should listen for incoming messages.


A positive integer less than 65535



When used, this transport listener will accept messages arriving through a HTTP proxy server which listens on the specified proxy port. Apache mod_proxy should be enabled in the proxy server. All the WSDLs generated will contain the proxy port value as the listener port.


A positive integer less than 65535