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[HttpServerWorker-1] DEBUG SendMediator - Send mediator :: mediate()
[HttpServerWorker-1] ERROR IndirectEndpoint - Reference to non-existent endpoint for key : bogus
[HttpServerWorker-1] DEBUG MediatorFaultHandler - MediatorFaultHandler :: handleFault
[HttpServerWorker-1] DEBUG SequenceMediator - Sequence mediator <fault> :: mediate()
[HttpServerWorker-1] DEBUG LogMediator - Log mediator :: mediate()
[HttpServerWorker-1] INFO  LogMediator - text = An unexpected error occured, message = Reference to non-existent endpoint for key : bogus

When the MSFTSUN stock quote is requested, it invokes a custom sequence by the name sunSequence which custom sequence which specifies sunErrorHandler as its the error handler as you can see in the  synapse_sample_4.xml file.