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  1. Open the API Publisher (https://<YourHostName>:9443/publisher) and log in as apicreator.
  2. Click the Add link and provide the information in the table below to your API.

    Name of API as you want it to appear in the API
    URI context path that is used by to API consumers
    Version1.0.0API version (in the form of version.major.minor)
    DescriptionTextHigh level description of API functionality
    If the API can be accessed by everyone, then select the visibility as 'Public'. Else select it as 'Restricted' and enter the user roles to which the API can be accessible
    from both API publisher and store.
    Thumbnail Image
    Image file
    Icon to be displayed in API store (can be jpeg, tiff, png format)
    Endpoint Security Scheme
    If the back-end service is a secured service, select 'Secured' and enter the credentials for secured service in appearing text boxes. Else keep as Non-Secured.
    Endpoint TypeSelect
    Endpoint Type. E.g., High available and load balanced endpoints
    Production URLURL
    Endpoint of the back-end service URL, here:
    Sandbox URLURL
    Endpoint of sandbox (testing) back end service. A sandbox URL is meant to be used for online testing of an API with easy access to an API key.
    URL of WSDL file (describing API interface)
    WADLURLURL to WADL file (describing API interface)
    One of more tags separated by comma. Tags are used to group/search for API.
    Tier Availability
    The API can be available at different level of service; you can select multiple entries from the list. At subscription time, the consumer chooses which tier they are interested in.
    Business Owner and Email
    Information about the person responsible for this API at the business level
    Technical Owner EmailString
    Information about the person responsible for this API at the technical level
    API Resources

    An API is made up of one or more resources. Each resource handles a particular type of requests. A resource is analogous to a method (function) in a larger API.
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    API resources accept following attributes:

    • Scope:
    • Verbs: HTTP verbs a particular resource accepts. Allowed values are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Multiple values can be specified.
    • URL pattern: URI template as defined in E.g., /phoneverify/{phoneNumber}
    • Auth type: Resource level authentication along HTTP verbs. Can be one of the following:
      • None : Can access the API resource without any access tokens
      • Application: Application access token is required to access the API resource
      • Application User: User access token is required to access the API resource

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