This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server 5.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Stop the current server.
  2. Copy the data from the production database to the staging database you created. This staging database becomes the new database for your new version of WSO2 AS.

  3. Select the relevant script for the upgrade from here and run it on the staging database. The script you use will depend on the type of database you are using, for . For instance, if your database is MySQL, you need to run the execute mysql-migration.sql command in MySQL. Running this script will ensure that the database is upgraded with the additional tables and schemas which are required for the new AS version.


    There are three migration scripts available: migration-service-provider.sqlmigration-identity.sql and migration.sql. However, note that only the migration.sql script is required to be executed for this upgrade.

  4. Download the new AS version and connect it to your staging database.


  1. Configure the following files for the new production server.: 
  2. Copy the following directories from the old database to the staging database. 
    • To migrate the super tenant settings, copy the <AS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/ directory.
    • If multitenancy is used, copy the <AS_HOME>/repository/tenants/ directory.
  3. Perform any configurations required for the server, e.g., external user stores, clustering, caching, mounting. 


    Note that configurations should not be copied directly between servers. 

  4. Start the server.