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Code Block
<sequence name="personInfoSeq">
    <xslt key="xslt">
        <property name="amount" expression="get-property('ORG_AMOUNT')"/>
    <send receive="creditSeq">
        <endpoint key="CreditEpr"/>

<sequence name="creditSeq">
    <log level="full"/>

Example 3 - Configuring a blocking/non-blocking send operation

In this example, the Send mediator in a proxy service using the VFS transport is transferring a file to a VFS endpoint. VFS is a non-blocking transport by default, which means a new thread is spawned for each outgoing message. The Property mediator added before the Send mediator removes the ClientAPINonBlocking property from the message to perform the mediation in a single thread. This is required when the file being transferred is large and you want to avoid out-of-memory failures.