This documentation is for WSO2 Private PaaS 4.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. To edit the source code in your IDE, set up your development environment by running one of the following commands:

    If you are using a later Eclipse version and if you get errors (library path etc.) when trying to import the source code using the Existing Projects into Workspace option, you can solve them by importing the source code as a Maven project. To do this; open Eclipse and click Import in the File menu and then click Existing Maven Projects as shown below: 

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  2. Add the required changes to the source code.


  1. Run the script that is located in the <PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/source/  directory to build the source.
    ./ -b

  2. Manually copy the Apache Stratos Cartridge Agent, Apache Stratos Load Balancer and Apache Stratos distributions to the <PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/packs/ directory. The latter mentioned Apache Stratos distributions can be found in the following directories:

    Apache Stratos Cartridge Agent<PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/source/products/cartridge-agent/modules/distribution/target/
    Apache Stratos Load Balancer<PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/source/products/load-balancer/modules/distribution/target/
    Apache Stratos<PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/source/products/stratos/modules/distribution/target/