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  • Setting the default Tomee configurations 

    1. Open the tomee.xml file located in the <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomee/ directory.

    2.  In this file, you can configure the Datasources, Resources etc. See the following example where the "myDerbyDatasource" datasource is configured as a resource.

      Code Block
      <Resource id="myDerbyDatasource" type="DataSource" classpath="/path/to/driver.jar">
       . . . .
    3. See the documentation on Apache TomEE configurations for more examples on how to configure the tomee.xml file.

  • Setting the jvm system properties that will be used by TomEE 

    1. Open the file located in the <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/tomee/ directory. 

    2. Update the required properties. For a comprehensive list of system properties, see