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Downloading the source

If you are going to edit The following instructions explain how you can download the source code for the WSO2 Application Server product and build it, you need to download the following Git repositories:5.3.0 release. The complete source code used for this product consists of a number of Git repositories, which are listed below.

Follow the steps given below to download the relevant repository.

  1. Clone the relevant Git repository to a folder of your choice.  The location of the extracted source is referred to as <gitrepo_SOURCE_HOME>. For example, to clone the Git repository for Carbon4 Kernel, use the following command:

    git clone <caron4kernel_SOURCE_HOME>

  2. Navigate to the <gitrepo_SOURCE_HOME> directory.
    cd <gitrepo_SOURCE_HOME>

  3. Checkout the tag, which corresponds to the AS 5.3.0 release, to a folder of your choice:
    git checkout -b <REMOTE_BRANCH/TAG> <LOCAL_BRANCH> 

    For example:
    git checkout -b v2.3.7 v2.3.7


After the source code is downloaded, you can start editing. However, it is recommended to run a build prior to changing the source code to ensure that the download is complete.