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Welcome to the WSO2 Managed Cloud documentation! 

WSO2 Managed Cloud is a service that allows you to get a team of WSO2 product specialists to run your Cloud for you. We can host, run and maintain any WSO2 product or a combination of products for which you purchased production support, in the Cloud.

Get started with WSO2 Managed Cloud

The following sections covers explain everything you need to know about the Managed Cloud, how you can get started and what policies and processes are involved :

  About WSO2 Managed Cloud

Understand the basics of the Managed Cloud and its service offerings.

  Getting Started

How to engage with WSO2 and the processes involved.


To know more about The following sections explain how a WSO2 Managed Cloud instance is set up, maintained and monitored, see the topics below:


How to set up the Managed Cloud and host WSO2 products in it.


Explain the server maintenance tasks.


How to monitoring a Cloud instance.


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