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The Git repositories used by WSO2 products are of two categories: 

  • Component-level Feature repositories: A component feature repository consists of the source code relevant to a particular component. Each WSO2 product release is built using combinations of these component repositories. Therefore, if you want to do modifications to a particular function in a product, you need to clone the Git repositories relevant to that function. 

    For example, listed below are the main component Git repositories (but not all) that are used for WSO2 AS 5.3.0 release. The Tag ID indicates the tag from the repository that was used for the particular product release. If you want to know more about other component repositories and the tags used for a product release, send an email to

    Git Repository NameRepository URLTag for AS 5.3.0 Release

    carbon4-kernel v4.4.1
    carbon-commons v4.4.7
    carbon-registry v4.4.8
    carbon-multitenancy v4.4.3
    carbon-deployment v4.5.2
  • Product-level build repository: A product repository consists of the build scripts and profiles that are used for building the product. It also includes the Integration test cases

    For example, given below is the product repository for the WSO2 AS 5.3.0 release. When you build this product repository, all the component repositories that are required for the AS 5.3.0 release (such as the ones listed above) will be automatically fetched from Nexus. Therefore, you can simple clone this repository tag to your computer and build it to get a standard product pack. See the topic on Using Maven to build Git repositories.

    Git Repository NameRepository URLTag for AS 5.3.0 Release