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As explained above in the section on identifying WSO2 Git repositories, you can easily build a product pack by building the product-levelbuild Git repository on your computer. However, if you have modified any of the component-level repositories that are used for this product, you need to first build those component repositories before building the product repository. Given below are the steps you need to follow.


Use Maven to build your repositories. See the next topic for instructions on how to use Maven for building repositories.

  1. Build all the component-levelfeature repositories that you have cloned to your computer and edited. Be sure that you build the repositories in the correct order. Email to get help.

  2. Once you have built the component-levelfeature repositories, build the product-levelbuild repository that you have cloned to your computer.

    When you build the product repository, Maven will first check in the local Maven repository on your computer and fetch the repositories that you built in Step 1. Maven will then fetch the remaining dependent repositories from Nexus. This process will give you a new product pack with your changes. 

    You can find the new binary pack (ZIP file), in the <PRODUCT_REPOSITORY_HOME>/modules/distribution/target directory.