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Send weekly status updates

<Do we have a standard template that we can share? Do we provide updates on demand? Is it only the weekly report that we send? Are there any exceptions, if so when?>WSO2 sends weekly status update email to you with the following information:

  • Update of all the hosting-related JIRAs of the Cloud.
  • Summary of the maintenance work done in this week.
  • Summary of the maintenance work scheduled for next week. We notify scheduled downtimes here, if any.

Provide around-the-clock support

<We need to define the scope clearyclearly. E.g., what Managed Cloud team handles and what the customers need to do themselves or purchase Dev Support for. For example, Managed Cloud team keeps the WSO2 servers & services running, but it is either customer or Dev Services that can determine whether a custom extension is functioning well and should or should not be moved to the next lifecycle stage...