This documentation is for Machine Learner 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Log in to the WSO2 ML UI, if you are not already logged in. 
  2. Click PROJECTS in the top menu as shown below. 

  3. Click on the project in which you need to create the analysis.
  4. Click MODELS as shown below. 
  5. Click  CREATE MODEL.
  6. Select the version of the dataset using which you want to create a new model as shown below.
     Click Run. You view the new model added to the list of all available models in that analysis as shown below. 

    Once the model building completes, you can perform the below actions on that model. 

    • VIEW -  To view the summary of that model. You view relevant visualizations and tables according to the training algorithm as shown below.
    • PREDICT - To make predictions on the model. 
    • DOWNLOAD - To prompt the download window, so that you can locally save the model in a preferred location.  A model can be downloaded in a serialized format or in PMML format.
    • PUBLISH - To publish the model into WSO2 ML registry. A model can be published in a serialized format or in PMML format.
    • DELETE - To permanently delete the model.