This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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Use Follow the procedure below to analyze WSO2 IS using WSO2 Analytics.

  1. Log into the WSO2 Analytics -IS Management Console using the following URL.
    URL: https://<ANALYTICS_HOST>:<ANALYTICS_PORT>/carbon/ 

  2. In the Main tab, click Analytics Dashboard. Log Log into the Analytics Dashboard by entering your credentials in the login dialog box that appears. The following dashboard is displayed by default.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.13.24 AM.png

  3. Click View to Click View to open the IS Analytics dashboard. The Security Analytics dashboard is displayed as shown in the example below.
    ISScreen.pngImage Modified


  1. The home page is displayed by default. This page displays statistics relating to federated identity providers. 
  2. If you want to view information relating to resident identity providers, click RESIDENT IDENTITY PROVIDER in the left navigator.

Home dashboard visualize the data in several dimensions for selected date range. Date range can be selected from the date range picker. On the other hand further drill down on specific date range can be achieved by drag selecting on the Login Attempts over time area chart. Filtrations for the dashboard  can be done by selecting bar chart items.