This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  • An API metadata artifact is created in the WSO2 Governance Registry (for more information see Governance Artifacts).
  • It has a LifeCycle that has Development, Testing and Production states.
  • If any API comes to the Production state, and if the production API gets updated frequently, demote the API to Testing state. (In this case, if API is getting updated more than 3 times within 2 minutes, the API is demoted back to Testing state. This indicates that it should be tested more).



  1. Login to G-Reg management console https://localhost:9443/carbon/ as an admin.
  2. Go to Home > Extensions > Configure > Lifecycles. Click Add new Lifecycle and you see a configuration XML file. Just 
  3. Click on Save. Now you have created a life cycle called "SampleLifecycle".
  4. Go to Home > Metadata > Add > API and create an API by filling out the required fields.
  5. Attach the previouly created "SimpleLifycycle" to the API that you saved. See here for more details on how to achieve this.
  6. Once a Lifecycle is attached to the API, you can see that it is in Development state.
  7. Click Promote to move it to Testing and do the same to push it to Production.
  8. Once it is in Production, this is the scenario: If you edit the API artifact (which is now in Production state) three times, you can see that it automatically demotes back to Testing state.