Due to a known issue do not use JDK1.8.0_151 with WSO2 products. Use JDK 1.8.0_144 until JDK 1.8.0_162-ea is released.
This documentation is for WSO2 Message Broker version 3.2.0. For the latest documentation, see the documentation for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.

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Operating Systems / Databases

  • All WSO2 Carbon-based products are Java applications that can be run on any platform that is Oracle/IBM JDK 7/8 compliant. Also, we do not recommend or support OpenJDK. See the section on compatibility of WSO2 products for more information. 



    If you are using IBM JDK, the following additional configurations are required:

      • Open the Owasp.CsrfGuard.Carbon.properties file (stored in the <MB_HOME>/repository/conf/security directory) and change the org.owasp.csrfguard.PRNG.Provider property to IBMJCE as shown below.

        Code Block
      • Open the broker.xml file (stored in the <MB_HOME>/repository/conf directory) and set the <certType> property to IbmX509 as shown below.

        Code Block
  • All WSO2 Carbon-based products are generally compatible with most common DBMSs. For more information, see Working with Databases.
  • It is not recommended to use Apache DS in a production environment due to issues with scalability. Instead, it is recommended to use an LDAP like OpenLDAP for user management.
  • For environments that WSO2 products are tested with, see Compatibility of WSO2 Products.
  • If you have difficulty in setting up any WSO2 product in a specific platform or database, please contact us.