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The WSO2 Managed Cloud offering is for hosting and maintaining WSO2 products in an Amazon EC2 instance that the customer purchases. Here are the tasks performed by the WSO2 Managed Cloud team when setting up the environments. For additional services, the customer can purchase WSO2 Support.

 Tasks within the WSO2 Managed Cloud SLATasks covered by WSO2 Support services
1Set up an AWS account upon the customer's request (excluding the costs pertaining to the hosting services).

Develop and deploy applications and services.

Set up the virtual machines and networking in the customer's AWS.

Execute IT management tasks (e.g., creating users).


Deploy the WSO2 products that the customer purchased, according to the deployment architecture that was created in the Planning phase.

Execute quality assurance on the system.

(WSO2 will outsource Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration tests t o third-party consultants.)


Create user accounts with admin privileges for the customer to log in to the Management Consoles of the WSO2 products. 

Conduct trainings on WSO2 products.

5Guarantee the availability of the Managed Cloud (See Support and Maintenance). 6Perform upgrades of custom solutions and end-to-end testing of custom solutions during deployment, upgrade or migration.
Upgrade the WSO2 products and install software patches upon request. Security patches provided by the OS vendor are installed automatically.