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Integration Profile Samples
Integration Profile Samples

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  1. You can find the CSV smooks library milyn-smooks-csv-1.2.4.jar in the attached archive. You can find the file in the  <SAMPLE_HOME>/lib directory.
  2. Copy the library to the <WSO2ESB_HOME>/repository/components/lib directory.


    These configuration changes make system-wide changes to the ESB and the ESB has to be restarted for these changes to take effect.

  3. Configure a local entry as follows. For information on how to add a local entry, see Adding a Local Entry via the Management ConsoleConsole. This local entry will be used to refer to the smooks configuration saved in the <SAMPLE_HOME>/resources/smooks-config.xml file.

    Code Block
    <localEntry key="smooks" src="file:resources/smooks-config.xml"/>


  1. Make sure the file appears in the out directory.
  2. The ESB inserts the records from the text file to the database. Make sure the data is in the info table. The following screenshot displays the content of the table with the data from the file.
  3. Make sure the original file is moved to the /home/<username>/test/original directory.
  4. Make sure the e-mail notification is sent to the email address that is specified. The message should contain the file data. The following screenshot displays a notification received.


    This example scenario displays how to pick up a file in a local directory, insert the records from the file into a database, send an email with data from the file, trace and write the log and finally move the file to another directory.