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  1. Create a MySQL database (e.g., registry) and run the <IS_HOME>/dbscripts/mysql.sql script on it to create the required tables. 
    If you are using a different database type, find the relevant script from the <IS_HOME>/dbscripts  directory.


    There are two MySQL DB scripts available in the product distribution from WSO2 Carbon Kernel 4.4.6 onwards. Click here to identify as to which version of the MySQL script to use.

  2. Add the following datasource configuration to both the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources/master-datasources.xml and  <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources/master-datasources.xml files.

    Code Block
        <description>The datasource used for registry</description>
        <definition type="RDBMS">
                <validationQuery>SELECT 1</validationQuery>

    Modify the username and password parameters of above configuration with your mysql database credentials.


    Refer Configuring master-datasources.xml for descriptive information about each property of the datasource configuration.

  3. Create the registry mounts by inserting the following sections into the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/registry.xml file.


    When doing this change, do not replace the existing <dbConfig> for "wso2registry". Simply add the following configuration to the existing configurations.

    Code Block
    <dbConfig name="govregistry">
    <remoteInstance url="https://localhost">    
    <mount path="/_system/governance" overwrite="true">
    <mount path="/_system/config" overwrite="true">


    Refer Configuring registry.xml for more details on configuration details and usage of registry.xml

  4. Repeat the above step in the <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/registry.xml file as well.