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This section explains how to attach a custom workflow to the application creation operation in WSO2 API Manager (WSO2 API-M). First, see Workflow Extensions for information on different types of workflow executors.

Attaching a custom workflow to API creation allows you to control the creation of applications within the Store. An application is the entity that holds a set of subscribed  API's that would be accessed by a authorization key specified for that praticular application. Hence, controlling the creation of these applications would be a decision based on the oragnization's requirement. Some example use cases would be

  • Review the information of the application by a specific reviewer before the application is created.
  • The application creation would be offered as a paid service.
  • The application creation should be allowed only to users who are in a specific role.


Before you begin, if you have changed the API Manager's default user and role, make sure you do the following changes:

  • Change the credentials of the workflow configurations in the registry resource _system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/workflow-extensions.xml.
  • Point the database that has the API Manager user permissions to BPS.
  • Share any LDAPs, if exist.
  • Unzip the <API-M>/business-processes/application-creation/HumanTask/ file, update the role as follows in the file, and ZIP the ApplicationsApprovalTask-1.0.0 folder.

    Code Block
    <htd:argument name="role">