This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Sign in to the WSO2 API Publisher.
  2. Click the Edit icon shown below for the API (e.g., PhoneVerification 1.0.0) to which you want to add documentation.


    In the above screenshot, the APIs are different as they have different names (i.e., PhoneVerification and PhoneVerificationAPI).

  3. Click Go to Overview.

  4. Add in-line documentation.

    1. Select the Docs tab of the API and click Add New Document.

    2. Enter the following details to create documentation in-line.

      TypeHow To
      SummaryCheck the validity of a phone number

    3. Click Add Document.
    4. Click Edit Content to open an embedded editor.


      Update button can be used to update/change the document information.

    5. Edit the document content in-line using the embedded editor and click Save and Close.

      The API's Doc tab opens.
  5. Add documentation using a URL.

    1. Click Add New Document to add another doc type.

    2. Enter the following information to create another doc using a URL.

      NameCDYNE Phone NotifyWiki

      CDYNE Phone Notify API

      TypeOther (specify)

      Image RemovedImage Added

    3. Click Add Document.
      The API's Doc tab opens. 

  6. Add documentation using a file.

    1. Click Add New Document to add yet another document using a file.

    2. Enter the following information.

      NameAPI Manager Samples
      SummaryAPI Manager Samples
      TypeSamples & SDK
      SourceYou can provide any file format (common formats are .pdf, .html, .doc, .txt) of any size. For example, use the sample PDF file here.

    3. Click Add Document.
      You have now added three documents to the API: in-line, using a URL, and a file.

  7. Log in to the WSO2 API Store and click the PhoneVerification 1.0.0 API.
  8. Go to the API's Documentation tab and see the documents listed by type. 
    Click the links to see the documentation content. As a subscriber, you can read the documentation and learn about the API.