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The parameters available for configuring the Smooks mediator are as follows:

Parameter NameDescription
Config-KeyThe key to access the Smooks configuration. The Smooks configuration should be saved in the Registry as a local entry before it can be used here. Click either Configuration Registry or Governance Registry to select the Smooks configuration from the resource tree.
InputYou can select either XML or Text as the input.
ExpressionThis parameter is used to enter an XPath expression to select the exact message block to which the transformation should be applied. If no expression is entered, the transformation would apply to the entire message body by default.

The format of the output. The output type can be XML, Text or Java, and the output can be one of the following.

  • Property: If this is selected, the output defined as a property will be saved in the message context for future use.
  • Expression: If this is selected, the output is defined as an expression and the following additional actions can be performed.
      • Add:The selected node will be added as a child to the message.
      • Replace: Selected node will be replaced in the message.
      • Sibling: Selected node will be added as a sibling.


Example 1: Performance tuning