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true / false


If this parameter is set to true , the original WSDL published via the publishWSDL parameter is used. This WSDL would not be replaced by a WSDL generated by the proxy service.


Modified the description to address the FAQ How can you make the proxy WSDL inaccessible/not visible for outside?


true / false


(Effective only with useOriginalwsdl=true) If true (default) modify the port addresses to current host.

ApplicationXMLBuilder.allowDTDtrue / falsetrueIf this parameter is set to true, it enables data type definition processing for the proxy service.
Data type definition processing is disabled in the Axis2 engine due to security vulnerability. This parameter enables it for individual proxy services.


true / false


If this parameter is set to true to true when creating deploying a proxy service, even though the the WSDL is not available at the server startup,  you can deploy prevent the proxy service with the other artifacts. Thus, you can avoid the CAR file being faulty to prevent any startup errors that could occur. However, the deployed proxy service will be unusable without unaccessible since the WSDL is not available.

showAbsoluteSchemaURLtrue/falsetrueIf this parameter is set to true , the absolute path of the referred schemas of the WSDL is shown instead of the relative paths.
If this parameter is set to true, the full proxy URL will be set as the prefix to the schema location of the imports in proxy WSDL.