This documentation is in progress and includes all updates released after Identity Server 5.4.1. For documentation specific to a version, see About This Release.
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  1. Go to the Management Console of the primary IS.
  2. Navigate to the Identity Providers section in the Main menu and click Add.
  3. Enter “Secondary" as the Identity Provider Name for this scenario.
  4. Expand the Federated Authenticators section and then expand the SAML2 Web SSOConfiguration section.

  5. Make the following changes.
    1. Select the Enable SAML2 Web SSO checkbox check box.
    2. Enter “Secondary IDP” Secondary IDP as the Identity Provider Entity Id.
    3. Enter “SecondaryIdP'” SecondaryIdP as the Service Provider Entity Id.
    4. Enter 'https://localhost:9444/samlsso/' as  as the SSO URL. This is the SAML2 SSO URL of the secondary IS.

    5. Select the Enable Logout checkbox check box.
  6. Click Register. The new identity provider named 'Secondary' is listed under List (go to Main menu and click List under Identity Providers).