This documentation is in progress and includes all updates released after Identity Server 5.4.1. For documentation specific to a version, see About This Release.
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  1. Log in to the management console of the secondary IS instance using the following URL: https://localhost:9444/carbon

  2. Navigate to the Main menu and click Add under Service Providers. Enter service provider name as 'PrimaryIDP' for this sample scenario.

  3. Click Register

  4. In the form that appears, expand the Inbound Authentication Configuration and SAML2 Web SSO Configuration sections. 

  5. Click Configure. The following form appears.

  6. Enter the following details in the form.

    1. Enter “Primary” as Enter Primary as the Issuer.

    2. Enter value Enter https://localhost:9443/commonauth as Assertion Consumer URL.

    3. Select Enable the following checkboxes.


      Response Signing.

    4. Select Enable Single Logout.

  7. Click Update and then click Register. The primary Identity Server instance is added as the service provider in the secondary Identity Server instance.