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This table displays performance statistics related to dfferent different components within a selected Siddhi application (e.g., queries). The columns displayed are as follows:

  • Type: The type of the Siddhi application component to which the information displayed in the row applies. The component type can be queries, streams, tables, windows and aggregations. For more information, see Siddhi Application Overview - Common components of a Siddhi application.
  • Name: The name of the Siddhi component within the application to which the information displayed in the row apply.
  • Metric Type: The metric type for which the statistics are displayed. This can be either the latency (in milliseconds), throughput the number of events per second), or the amount of memory consumed (in bytes). The metric types based on which the performance of a Siddhi component is measured depends on the component type.
  • Attribute: The attribute to which the given value applies.
  • Value: The value for the metric type given in the row.
PurposeThis allows you to carry out a detailed analysis of the performance of a selected Siddhi application and identify components that have a negative impact on the overall performance of the Siddhi application.
Recommended ActionIdentify the componets in a Siddhi application that have a negative impact on the performance, and rewrite them to improve performance. To understand Siddhi concepts in order to rewrite the components, see the Siddhi Query Guide.