This documentation is for WSO2 Open Banking version 1.3.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  • Approach 01: 
    • Create a user.
    • Create a user role and assign it to users. 
  • Approach 02:
    • Create a user role.
    • Create a user and assign one or multiple user roles to the user. 

In this tutorial, we will take the first approach.  


titleBefore you begin


Let's get started!

Step 01: Create a User Role

Follow the steps below to create a user role:

  1. Click Main > Identity > Users and Roles > Add on the Management Console home screen.
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  2. Click Add New Role
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  3. Enter a role name, e.g, APIConsumer and click Next
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  4. Select the necessary permissions, e.g., Admin Permissions > Manage > Subscribe and click Finish.
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    A success message is displayed.  

Step 02: Create a User

Follow the steps below to create a user:

  1. Click Main > Identity > Users and Roles > Add on the Management Console home screen. 
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  2. Click Add New User.
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  3. Enter the username andthe password that can be used by the user to sign in to WSO2 Open Banking solution.
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  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the user role applicable for the created user, e.g., APIConsumer.
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  6. Click Finish.
    A success message is displayed.


The user management functionality allows you to configure the users that can access your product, and the permissions that determine how each user can work with your system. 

The default user management configuration is as follows:

  • The default H2 database is configured as the User Store that stores all the information on users, roles and permissions.
  • An Admin user and Admin password are configured by default.
  • The default Admin role connected to the Admin user has all permissions granted.

According to the default configuration explained above, you can simply log into the Management Console of the WSO2 Open Banking identity and access management component with the Admin user, and get started right away. 

Follow the links given below to understand how user management works, and for step-by-step instructions on how to change/update the default configuration:

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