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  1. Configure the login analytics and session analytics using the following files.

    1. Login analytics<IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/eventpublishers/IsAnalytics-Publisher-wso2event-AuthenticationData.xml
    2. Session analytics: <IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/eventpublishers/IsAnalytics-Publisher-wso2event-SessionData.xml 


      The configurations for login analytics and session analytics are almost the same except for event streams. This is because the format in which the events are captured for the two analytics are different. For more information event streams, see WSO2 SP Quick Start Guide.


      The event streams that are specified for publishers should not be modified as that would cause errors in the default configuration.

      The common properties that can be configured for event publishers in the files mentioned above are as follows.  

      Adapter PropertyDescriptionConfiguration FileExample
      Receiver URL
      • This captures the target receiver URL to which the WSO2 IS-related information are sent as events.

      • Format:

        Code Block
      • When specifying the thrift port, the default port offsets done for WSO2 IS Analytics should be considered, e.g., if WSO2 IS Analytics was started with a port offset of 1, the thrift port should be 7612 instead of 7611.
      • For high availability scenarios, multiple analytics receivers can be defined by configuring multiple commapipe-separated URLs with the format.

        Code Block
      • As per the above configuration, events are published to all the defined receivers. For other ways of configuring the receiver URLs, see Collectinve Events.
      • For a single analytics receiver: tcp://localhost:7612

      • For multiple analytics reievers:

        Code Block
        <property name="receiverURL">tcp://,|tcp://</property>

      • This captures the URL of the authenticator.
      • Format:

        Code Block
      • When specifying the SSL port, the default port offsets done for WSO2 IS should be considered, e.g., if WSO2 IS was started with a port offset of 1, the SSL port should be 7712 instead of 7711.
      • This parameter is not included in the <IS_HOME>repository/deployment/server/eventpublishers/IsAnalytics-Publisher-wso2event-AuthenticationData.xml file by default. When it is not included, the authenticator URL is derived by adding 100 to the thrift port.

      User Name

      • This captures the user name of the listener.

      • If the EnableEmailUserName property in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml is set to true, define the user name with the tenant domain.

        Code Block
        <property name="username"></property>

        For more information, see Using Email Address as the User Name.

      • This captures the password of the listener.

      • This captures the communication protocol that is used to publish events.

      Publishing Mode
      • This captures the event publishing mode.

        • Non-blocking: This refers to asynchronouns publishing.
        • Blocking: This refers to sychronous publishing.
      Publishing Timeout
      • This captures the timeout for the non-blocking publishing mode that is denoted as a positive integer.