This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator version 6.5.0 . View documentation for the latest release in the 6.x.x family and the latest release in the 7.x.x family.

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Migrating ESB artifacts


Before you begin, note the following changes that may affect your ESB artifacts.

  • If you have created a messages store in your configuration and configured the provider path as repository/conf/ in your ESB 5.0.0 instance, this needs to be updated with the file path in EI 6.5.0 (which is conf/
  • If you have used the $ctx function inline (in the Payload Factory mediator) to get property values, you need to change this to the full XPath. The $ctx function or the get-property() function can be used inside the arguments (args) tags to get property values. Inline $ctx support (in the payload factory) has been deprecated since WSO2 EI 6.4.0.
  • From WSO2 EI 6.4.0 onwards, the XSLT mediator writes response messages to the JSON stream. Note that in WSO2 ESB 5.0.0, the XSLT mediator was not doing any changes to the JSON stream after message transformation.
  • From WSO2 EI 6.4.0 onwads, there are validations affecting the Enrich mediator, which prevents the source and target in the message body.
  • From WSO2 EI 6.4.0 onwards, if you have specified an XPath value in your mediation sequence, the response message generated by the ESB will include the element tags of your XPath value. For example, if your XPath value is "//faultdescription", the response message will be <faultdescription>DESCRIPTION</faultdescription>. If you want the response message to contain only the DESCRIPTION, you need to specify the XPath value as "//faultdescription/text()".

  • From WSO2 EI 6.4.0 onwards, if you are using the MailTo transport to send emails through a mediation sequence, note that the email sender specified in the mediation sequence overrides the email sender configured in the axis2.xml file.
  • If you have used json-path expression without the dot notation ( ex: $key ), you need to change them by adding the dot after the dollar sign. ( ex: $.key )

You should manually deploy the Composite Application Archive (CAR) files that you have in WSO2 ESB 5.0.0 to WSO2 EI 6.5.0.