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  • Name: The name of a logger.
  • Level: Allows to configure level (threshold). After you specify the level for a certain logger, a log request for that logger will only be enabled if its level is equal or higher to the logger’s level. If a given logger is not assigned a level, then it inherits one from its closest ancestor with an assigned level. Refer to the hierarchy of levels given above. See descriptions of the available log levels .
  • Additivity: Allows to inherit all the appenders of the parent Logger if set as 'True'.


  1. Add the logger in the file:

    Code Block
    logger.<Logger_Name>.name = <Component_name>
    logger.<Logger_Name>.type = INFO

    For example:

    Code Block = org.apache.synapse.transport.vfs.VFSTransportSender
    logger.VFSTransportSender.level = WARN
  2. Then, add the logger to the list of loggers by referring the logger name:

    Code Block
    loggers = AUDIT_LOG, SERVICE_LOGGER, VFSTransportSender,