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The service bus samples use several sample clients, configurations and sample back-end services in order to explain different use cases. The diagram below depicts the interaction between the sample clients, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and the services at a high level. The clients are able to send SOAP/REST or POX messages over transports such as HTTP/HTTPS or JMS with WS-Addressing, or WS-Security. They can send binary optimized content using MTOM, SwA, binary or plain text JMS messages. After mediation through WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, the requests are passed over to sample services.


Deploying samples in WSO2 EI

To start WSO2 Enterprise Integrator with a selected service bus sample configuration

  1. Open WSO2 Integration Studio.
  2. Copy the sample configuration from the samples documentation into the source view of the WSO2 Integration Studio.
  3. Start the server.



Deploying sample back-end services