If the directory/file paths specified in this guide do not exist in your WSO2 product, see Directory Structure of WSO2 Products to locate the paths applicable to your product.

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Comment: Removed weak ciphers from the 'Disables weak ciphers for the PassThrough transport' section. Used the same cipher list as of 'Disabling weak ciphers for the Tomcat transport'


  1. Open the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml  file.
  2. Make a backup of the axis2.xml  file and stop the WSO2 product server.
  3. You need to add the PreferredCiphers parameter under the "Transport Ins (Listeners)" section along with the list of relevant cipher suites.

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  4. Start the server.
  5. Test the pass-through transport using the following command with the corresponding port:

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    $ java -jar TestSSLServer.jar localhost 8243