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XML elementDescriptionData typeDefault valueFixed valuesMandatory/OptionalSample
<DataSourceName/>JNDI name of the datasource to be used by the API publisher, API store and API key manager. This datasource should be defined in the master-datasources.xml file in conf/datasources directory.StringN/AN/A 
<GatewayType/>This parameter is used when adding api management capability to other products like GReg, AS, DSS etc.String   <GatewayType>Synapse</GatewayType>

Database configuration used by API publisher, API store and API key manager. When these components are deployed separately, each of them should have separate database configurations pointing to the same physical database.

Code Block
      <URL/>JDBC connection string for the databaseStringN/AN/A  
     <Username/>JDBC username for the databaseStringN/AN/A  
     <Password/>JDBC password for the databaseStringN/AN/A  
     <Driver>JDBC driver for the databaseStringN/AN/A  

Authentication manager configuration for API publisher and API store. This is a required configuration for both web applications as their user authentication logic relies on this.




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     <ServerURL/>Server URL of the Authentication service     
     <Username/>Admin username for the Authentication manager     
     <Password>Admin password for the Authentication manager     

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