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To implement this scenario:

  1. Start ActiveMQ and configure the JMS transport in ESB to work with ActiveMQ.
  2. Configure and deploy the JAX-RS Basics sample by following the instructions for building and running the sample.
  3. Since we are going to run both WSO2 ESB and the WSO2 Application Server on the same machine, offset the ports of the application server by changing the offset value to 1 in <AS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml.
  4. Goto <ESB_HOME>/samples/axis2Client and execute the following command:
    ant jmsclient -Djms_type=text -Djms_dest=dynamicQueues/JmsToRestProxy -Djms_payload="<Customer><name>WSO2</name></Customer>"
    This sends <Customer><name>WSO2</name></Customer> as the payload.