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1. Add an address endpoint called "ep1." See Adding an Endpoint.

2. Start jconsole by typing jconsole at your termnial, if you encounter any problem, please, consult your operating system guide. You will see the following console once you select MBeans tab.


You will also see a INFO level log message saying that the endpoint was switched off manually.

Code Block

[2009-06-23 12:18:21,149] INFO - EndpointContext Manually switching off endpoint : ep1

6. Next again switch back to the "Attributes" tab and see the state of the endpoint after refreshing it. You will see endpoint is inactive and the endpoint is in switch off state. At this point, if you try to use a client which use this endpoint, you will see it fails since the endpoint is down. You can use a similar approach activate the endpoint back.


Instructions on how to use jconsole to manage state transition between states in WSO2 ESB.