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The "Transformer Proxy" template creates a proxy service that transforms the incoming requests before forwarding them to a given endpoint. It can also transform the responses before sending them to the client.

The proxy service settings are as follows:

  • Proxy Service Name - Enter a unique name for this proxy service.
  • Target Endpoint- Select one of the following:
    • Enter URL
      • Target URL - Enter the URL of the target endpoint in the field.
    • Pick from registry
      • Endpoint Key - Select the target endpoint source from the Configuration Registry or Governance Registry. For more information on the registry, see Working with the Registry.
  • Request XSLT - Select the XSLT to use for transforming requests from the Configuration Registry or Governance Registry.
  • Transform Responses- Select the check box if you want to transform responses.
    • Response XSLT - If the Transform Responses check box is selected, select the XSLT to use use for transforming the responses from the Configuration Registry or Governance Registry.
  • Publish WSDL options
  • Transports

Instructions on how to create a Transformer Proxy Service in WSO2 ESB.