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This prevents the ESB from creating new worker threads indefinitely. You can use a jconsole like JMX client to monitor the active threads and memory consumption of the ESB.

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JMSUtils cannot locate destination


If your topic or queue name has the characters ":" or "=", JMSUtils will not be able to find the topic/queue and will give you the warning "JMSUtils cannot locate destination". (For more information, see For example, if the topic name is my::topic, the following configuration will not work, because the topic name will be parsed as my instead of my::topic:


<address uri="jms:/my::topic?transport.jms.ConnectionFactoryJNDIName=QueueConnectionFactory&amp;java.naming.factory.initial=org.wso2.andes.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory&amp;java.naming.provider.url=repository/conf/;transport.jms.DestinationType=topic"/>


To avoid this issue, you can create a key-value pair in the file that maps the topic/queue name to a key without ":" or "=". For example:


topic.myTopic = my::topic


You can then use this key in the proxy service as follows:


<address uri="jms:/myTopic?transport.jms.ConnectionFactoryJNDIName=TopicConnectionFactory&amp;java.naming.factory.initial=org.wso2.andes.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory&amp;java.naming.provider.url=repository/conf/;transport.jms.DestinationType=topic"/>


If you do not want to use the JNDI properties file, you can define the key-value pair right in the proxy configuration:


<address uri="jms:/myTopic?transport.jms.ConnectionFactoryJNDIName=TopicConnectionFactory&amp;java.naming.factory.initial=org.wso2.andes.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory&amp;topic.myTopic=my::topic&amp;java.naming.provider.url=repository/conf/;transport.jms.DestinationType=topic"/>


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