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Before you begin, if you have changed the API Manager's default user and role, make sure you do the following changes:

  • Give the correct credentials in the <BPS_HOME>/repository/conf/epr files.
  • Point the database that has the API Manager user permissions to BPS.
  • Share any LDAPs, if exist.
  • Change the <BPS_HOME>/repository/humantasks/-1234

    Unzip the <APIM>/business-processes/subscription-creation/HumanTask/SubscriptionsApprovalTask-1.0.0


    .zip file, update the role as follows in the

     file, that corresponds to the human task.

    file, and ZIP the SubscriptionsApprovalTask-1.0.0 folder.

    Code Block
    <htd:argument name="role">
  • Change the allowedRoles parameter in the <APIM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/admin-dashboard/site/conf/site.json file.