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Property NameClustered SetupStandalone
DescriptionExample Values
COMMIT_ENABLEDYesNoNoThis enables auto commit in Python Cartridge Agent (PCA). Once you define a Git repository when creating an application or when signing up, the PCA will commit the changes.true - for a manager in a clustered setup
false - for a standalone setup 
CONFIG_PARAM_CLUSTERINGYesYesYesTo enable clustering in WSO2 products.true - for a clustered setup
false - for a standalone setup 
YesYesNoDefines the Load Balancer IP which is fronted by the cartridge.
YesYesNoURL of registry database.jdbc:mysql://
CONFIG_PARAM_REGISTRY_DB_USER_NAMEYesYesNoUsername of registry database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_REGISTRY_DB_PASSWORDYesYesNoPassword of registry database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_REGISTRY_DB_DRIVERYesYesNoDriver class name used in the data
CONFIG_PARAM_CONFIG_DB_URLYesYesNoURL of the config database.jdbc:mysql://
CONFIG_PARAM_CONFIG_DB_USER_NAMEYesYesNoUsername of the config database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_CONFIG_DB_PASSWORDYesYesNoPassword of the config database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_CONFIG_DB_DRIVERYesYesNoDriver class name used in the data source.
CONFIG_PARAM_USER_MGT_DB_URL, CONFIG_PARAM_UM_DB_URL YesYesNoURL of the user management database.jdbc:mysql://
CONFIG_PARAM_USER_MGT_DB_USER_NAMEYesYesNoUsername of the user management database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_USER_MGT_DB_PASSWORDYesYesNoPassword of the user management database.root
CONFIG_PARAM_USER_MGT_DB_DRIVERYesYesNoDriver class name used in the data

Defines the profile name used in the WSO2 product. The configurations vary based on this profile name.


This payload parameter is only common for the AM and DAS cartridges.

Gateway-Manager, Gateway-Worker, default

Membership scheme name used for cluster discovery.

private-paas, wka

Hostname of the worker node or default node.

The application path that is used to clone the Git artifacts.

CONFIG_PARAM_PORT_OFFSETYesYesYesThis allows you to run multiple WSO2 products, multiple instances of a WSO2 product, or multiple WSO2 product clusters on the same server or virtual machine (VM). The port offset defines the number by which all ports defined in the runtime such as the HTTP/S ports will be offset. For example, if the HTTP port is defined as 9763 and the portOffset is 1, the effective HTTP port will be 9764. Therefore, for each additional WSO2 product, instance, or cluster you add to a server, set the port offset to a unique value (the default is 0).1


Property NameClustered
DescriptionExample Values
CONFIG_PARAM_PRESENTER_ENABLEYesNoEnable Presenter mode in CEP.true
CONFIG_PARAM_WORKER_ENABLEYesNoEnable Worker mode in CEP.true

There are not cartridge specific payload parameters for the following cartridges:

  • Application Server (AS)
  • Business Process Server (BPS)
  • Business Rules Server (BRS)
  • Governance Registry (GREG)
  • Identity Server (IS)