This documentation is for Machine Learner 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. Open the ML UI using the https://<ML_HOST>:<ML_PORT>/ml URL. Enter admin as both the user name and the password to log in.

  2. Click the Projects button as shown below.
    click Projects button

  3. Click Models to view the models of the wso2the wso2-ml-collaborativerandom-filteringforest-explicitregression-sample-analysis analysis analysis analysis that was created when the sample was executed.
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  4. Click View on the model as shown below.
    Image Added
    The summary of the model is displayed as follows. 
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Viewing the model prediction

The sample executes the generated model on the <ML_HOME>/samples/default/random-forest-regression/prediction-test data set, and it prints the value [10.459078537423672] as the prediction result in the CLI logs.